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These are articles which address many of the concerns of individuals using or thinking about ordering embroidered patches.

Should you have questions or suggestions that you would like to see here please contact us by e-mail.


Heat Seal Instructions: People are always using the terms “heat seal” and “iron-on” synonymously when purchasing embroidered patches.  Unfortunately, the two phrases are absolutely not the same and vendors should be quite careful to differentiate these phrases. Read entire article »

Size Does Matter: At Least in Embroidered Patches: A question that arises almost constantly is “what size should I make this patch?” or better still I want it made in the “standard” size.  We are always happy to discuss this sizing problem with our customers as it helps them better understand the process of making embroidered patches and gives them a much better sense of the design problems that can be avoided by good planning. Read entire article »


Although we use the finest materials possible, we cannot be responsible for damages, which may occur in dry cleaning, washing, pressing or laundering.  We suggest that you satisfy yourself as to the color fastness of the yarns and twills used in our product and the general durability and strength of heat-seal backings. 

As there is no single heat-seal backing that will work with all machinery in all combinations of heat, time and pressure and the wide range of available heat-seal equipment that is available, we are unable to accept responsibility for problems encountered in the application of heat-seal backed products.  We are happy to supply random samples for your testing process.

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